Crosswalks and Pedestrian Safety

STOP! (Safe Travel of Pedestrians)

Pacific Palisades is an unsafe place to be a pedestrian. Sunset traffic is unending, our crosswalks are old and faded, many drivers ignore traffic laws, and there is no enforcement.

So how do we fix it?

I have been working with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and their “Safe Routes to Schools” program on our “STOP!” program (Safe Travel of Pedestrians).

The program is split into two initiatives:

1) Physical repair and upgrade of crosswalks and stop signs.
2) Education for children and adults to learn the impact of not being safe on the streets and the danger it poses.

I have requested that DOT survey all of the crosswalks in town and we will then have an idea of what will be done. I recently requested that the intersection of Antioch and Via De La Paz upgraded to school standards and it was completed. I am also investigating if we can use private funds to repair key areas.

Our education plan is the MOST important part. We can paint all the crosswalks, but we need people to obey them.

The plan includes the following:


Youtube/Vimeo video series: 3 short videos
A: Distracted Driver, Pedestrian, and Skateboarder (all played by kids) showing how to drive, walk, and bicycle, safely.
B: Women sitting at lunch talk about how they worry about their kids. Shots of kids around town acting responsibly
C: A man speeding through town because he is late, screaming at associate into phone. Bicyclist riding irresponsibly. Bike lands on top of car and he is taken, unknowingly, for a long ride downtown.

2. School Play (at all local schools) recreating the above videos for students, played by students. Play is then presented to parents.

3. Public Service Campaign Social Media
Tweets and messages on all social media with campaign tags and reminders

4. Chalk reminders:
Children’s camping to paint chalk reminders to be alert at all intersections.

5. School Speakers Series: Collection of 3 regional speakers address Middle and High School students about the results from distraction as a pedestrian or bicyclist/skateboarder/scooter.

6. Local Paper Media Campaign: Articles and reminders in local papers to bolster the campaign and remind.

7. Kids Book/Coloring Campaign: Flyers, posters, leaflets, and mini-books/coloring books distributed to doctor’s offices, schools, play facilities, and sports outlets.

8. Mobile App/Games: videos and tests for safety

9. Website: Accompanying message board/online gathering place to report and chronicle experiences/learn solutions.

Here’s a link to download the Pedestrian Safety Report. It contains all of the preliminary information.


Also, please sign the petition below to help promote our cause with City offices.