What is Palitown?

Palitown is a place for us to share info about concerns and ways to make our town better. I started it to organize thoughts, layout ideas, and come up with solutions. It is always changing - always requiring your help to keep it growing, just like Pacific Palisades - Lou Kamer

  • Click HERE for the report sent to our LADOT and our local officials.
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    Share your views to get involved and change the Palisades

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    Waze Traffic Study

    Through a pilot partnership with Google, we will use WAZE traffic data to learn about our traffic issues and find solutions.

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    STOP! Pedestrian Safety

    This is a two-part program to make things safer for us all. We will update our crosswalks and stop signs and through our children, educate each other about being safe as pedestrians, bicyclists, or drivers.

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    Paliwave Shuttle

    At one time, we had the DASH program connecting our less mobile neighbors to the village. That is gone, but it does not mean we can't envision a shuttle to help our kids, seniors, and each other get around.

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    Leaf blowers

    Gas Leafblowers were banned a long time ago, but they still make noise and pollution in our town. In this era of electronics, there is no reason not to use the new technology to rid our community of these nuisances and move forward to the future.

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    Business Improvement

    We must do more to support and expand businesses in other areas of town other than the Caruso Village.

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    This is our site. It is a place for us to unite as a community and share things that are important to us.  It's also a place to talk about our past, our future, and what makes us different than other communities. It's a place to ask questions and provide answers, and bridge the time between seeing each other in the village.

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