Palisades Pedestrian Report and Petition

The Palisades community shared their experiences about safety in the Village.

Here’s a report on the situation and solutions we can take.  PALI PEDESTRIAN SAFETY REPORT

We also have a petition that you should sign to let our leaders know how serious the problem is. Please forward to your friends so they can sign.  The more residents we get, the more likely we are to get things fixed.

Once we have enough, I will forward to our government representatives.

Click here for the link:   CROSSWALK PETITION

The Pali Wave Shuttle Concept

As you may have noticed, we have a parking and traffic problem in the Palisades that is only going to get worse as more projects are built.  So what can we do to make it better?

There’s a town in Colorado called Telluride.  You may or may not know about it.  It is isolated at the end of a box canyon surrounded by 13,000 foot peaks.  Pollution from cars or trucks gets stuck at the end of the canyon worse than the San Fernando Valley.  So Telluride needed to think of radical ways to reduce traffic and pollution.

In the 1930’s, the Rio Grande Railroad started using a motor train built on a 1931 Buick frame to get mail, freight, and passengers to Telluride.  They called it the “Galloping Goose.”  The train stopped service in the 50’s when the car became popular, but the town adopted the name for the current free community bus service which is funded by the county and city.  (They also have a free gondola connecting two villages).

Unfortunately, we don’t have county or city support for a shuttle service; besides, it would take too long to get the City of LA to approve it.


We have to do our own.

The Pali Wave is an idea for a safe, reliable, and courteous Town transit service for Palisades residents, offered for free, with priority for seniors and students. It is a way for us to quickly and easily get to the places we need to go in our Town while at the same time reducing our traffic and parking.  The service would be underwritten by local and corporate donors.

I have $200,000 in initial commitments if we can build the idea and get it off the ground.

But I need your help in defining it.

The first step is to get everyone’s opinions, so please visit the link below to take a survey and define things further. THE PASSWORD IS dolphins.  If you would like to help build this, there’s an option in the survey to join.  I certainly can’t do it alone!

This service will help further define our community as the most unique and forward-looking section of L.A.

Let’s do it.

password: dolphins

Electric Bus