Proposed Palisades Crosswalks

Our crosswalks are in disrepair and unsafe.  Per a 2014 directive from the LA Department of Transportation, all crosswalks should be upgraded to the “continental” design (think Abbey Road) from the existing parallel line, and must be within a certain radius of schools.

In looking at the crosswalks both on the ground and from Google Earth, we see many are faded and should be Continental, especially in areas where many people and children cross Sunset or Temescal.

I have spoken to our Councilman’s Office about this and the LADOT.  Before I submit this drawing to all officials, I would like your input on where you think we need better crosswalks.  The Village development will change and improve some in and around Swarthmore, but we need to take a look at the rest of the village, especially around schools, condos, and senior homes.

Click on the link below.  It is a PDF with the current conditions and added suggestions.  Let me know if I have left anything out.



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