Listening to meeting remotely

Here’s updated info on how to listen via computer or phone.  Please remember it is a simulcast only.  If you would like to make comments or suggestions, you can through the CHAT icon online only.


PHONE: 1-213-226-1066

EVENT ID: 100-524-509


Agenda for Tonight’s Meeting

Tonight is an experiment. Our goal is to raise our common concerns and, more importantly, to start the process of coming to consensus on solutions that work for our community and Caruso.

If this works, at the end of the meeting, I suggest we divvy up the issues to interested residents who can continue the work in “living room” meetings and share ideas on the website with the rest of the group and community. We can then all meet again, and if we feel we are ready, take the conversation to Caruso and our leaders, where the true work of consensus begins.

This meeting is not a place for grandstanding or expressing hardline support or opposition. There are lots of other places to do that. This is about working together.

We will start with the most important subjects you listed in the survey. Some issues might get lumped together as they are interrelated. I will make a short introduction, step back, and then it’s off to the races. We will cover as much as we can in the time period.

I am also opening up the survey to anyone who wants to take it, not just attendees. If you’ve already taken it, don’t try again as the system can tell. The link is: and the password is dolphin.

Some basic rules to keep us on track:

No complaining or attacking
Raise facts and real concerns only
Keep things simple and short
Consider all positions (yours, neighbors, Businesses, Caruso)
Offer solutions, even wild ones
Respect everyone.

As a reminder, the audio from the meeting will be live streamed so we can get chat input from people who cannot make it. It’s your choice if you want to say your name or not.

This town is our town
What do we want it to be?


For those of you who are unable to attend Monday’s meeting, we are also streaming it using Join.Me so you can listen anywhere.  You can either call into a free conference number or connect via computer to chat.  Please note that the Phone call option is LISTEN ONLY and does not allow you to make comments or suggestions.  This is done through the chat window at LogMeIn on computer or iPhone/Android.  more info at

If you are interested in participating remotely, please Private Message me or email :  More info will be available at


Join your neighbors for an open forum to discuss the current village development project and the future of Pacific Palisades.

Since we have limited time for this meeting, after you sign up, you will get a survey and be able to pick from a list of topics you want to cover.

There is only room for 50 people so RSVP quickly.

The event will also be streamed (audio only) on the web for those who can’t make it or if we run out of room.  More information to follow.